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Ajax Options

There are several options to choose from in the Ajax Client.

Enable/Disable headers/footers.

This option will enable or disable the website headers and
footers. This is a good choice for those who want to make
more space for the Ajax Client.


If you are not already connected from another client, you
may choose to Logon the character of your choice.


You may choose from five different fonts. The default is


The option changes the width of the scrollback that appears
on your screen.

Max Scrollback Memory

You may choose how much memory is used in retaining your
scrollback. The default is 65 kilobytes.

Update Settings

Hit this button to update any of the settings you may have

Pull Down Tab

Below the MUD output screen, there is a pull down tab. This
allows you to choose from actions you have previously into
into the MUD.

Command Line

Directly beneath the pull down tab there is a long black line.
You may enter MUD commands and actions here.


You may click this button to submit your MUD commands, or
you may simply press enter.


The default port for the live MUD is 6969.

Auto Scroll

If this is clicked, your screen will automatically scroll.

Auto Refresh

If this is clicked, your screen will automatically refresh
with the most current actions on the MUD.

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